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Tailored Managed Accounts

tailored managed accounts

Managed accounts are an investment solution available to those looking for greater control, transparency and efficiencies. The key benefits include:

  • Greater investment choice Gives us even greater access to a wider range of investment managers to implement tailored investment portfolios, meeting the needs of individual clients.
  • Responsiveness During periods of increased volatility, it is important that we’re able to respond quickly to new developments. Within a managed account, we’ll be able to act instantaneously to take advantage of emerging opportunities.
  • Streamlined Business Processes The ability to make changes with minimal effort allows us to focus on other higher value-added activities to you, our clients.
  • Transparency Our clients will have an even clearer understanding of what we’re investing in, the reasons why, allowing our clients to be as engaged as they’d like to be.
  • Portability The ability to change portfolios with minimal cost and effort.
  • Price We have considerable scale, we have the ability to negotiate a better price with these professional fund managers. This enables us to transform from price takers to price makers.