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Centrelink Strategies

centrelink strategies

There are a number of Centrelink benefits available to Australians and, particularly in retirement, many people need help in ascertaining what their entitlements are. Such benefits include: Family Tax Benefit, Age Pension, Disability Support Pension, Carer Payment/Allowance, Abstudy/Austudy, Newstart/Sickness Allowance and Health Care Cards (including the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card).

We can provide investment, superannuation and pension advice to allow clients to maximise any Centrelink benefits you may be eligible for – now and in the future. We assess your current assets, income and personal situation as well as your goals and objectives before determining the most suitable strategy for your financial situation. Particularly in retirement, being eligible to receive Age Pension or other Government benefits or allowances can be a great way to make your retirement capital last longer as well as providing health care benefits.