Financial Foundations

Complimentary Initial Meeting Offer

What does a COMPLIMENTARY consultation entail?

  • Discuss your goals and objectives and what you would like to achieve.
  • Review your asset allocation and investment strategy of all your entities.
  • Discuss strategies that will ensure your wealth is structured in the most optimal manner. All our advisers are experienced in ensuring strategies are discussed at an appropriate level for each of their clients. Whether you are are an experienced investor or have just started to generate a level of wealth that needs professional advice and management.
  • Answer any questions and concerns you may have.

Some of the areas where we can assist:

  • Retirement planning – How you can prepare for retirement, what strategies should be implemented.
  • Wealth creation – Establishing an appropriate investment portfolio within your entities to build wealth and generate income.
  • Superannuation/SMSF Review – To ensure your superannuation is invested according to your attitude to risk, goals and objectives.
  • Retirement income streams – How much income can you receive in retirement, what are your options in drawing from your super/SMSF/Trusts.
  • Tax planning – Assisting in ways to minimise the tax you pay.
  • Estate Planning & Intergenerational Wealth – Ensuring your financial legacy is appropriately structured for your beneficiaries and making sure this is protected and maximised.
  • Insurance – Ensuring you and your family are covered financially in case of an unfortunate event.
  • Aged care – Assistance with fees, options and strategies to ensure you or your loved ones are left in the best possible position.

Only if you wish to engage in our services, we will then provide you with a Statement of Advice document, which provides specific recommendations for your circumstances.