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Wealth Accumulation Strategies & Financial Coaching

A wealth accumulation plan is an essential part of everyone’s financial planning. Wealth accumulation plans can include anything from budgeting and saving surplus cash, establishing a regular savings plan in a managed investment or share portfolio, or a salary sacrifice arrangement into superannuation to investment properties and margin loans.

The strategy that suits you will depend on your tolerance for risk, the goals and objectives that you are trying to achieve and your investment timeframe. The most important role that seeking financial advice provides in this situation is not the initial strategy recommendation, nor is it the recommendation on which product to use, it is having someone there who will make sure that you stay on track with your plan and can guide you through changes to your wealth accumulation plan when required.


Kerry Albress Pre Retiree

"I have been a client of Financial Foundations for over 25 years. Financial Foundations have always been very knowledgeable and reliable professionals who operate to a very high standard. Financial Foundations have always given me sound financial advice regarding my portfolio which includes my superannuation and my recent redundancy. This has enabled me to feel comfortable about my future and my retirement. At all times Financial Foundations have listened and responded to my questions promptly and will happily go out of their way to deliver great client satisfaction. I would recommend Financial Foundations to family and friends for any financial advice."