Financial Foundations

Superannuation Rollover

If you are unhappy with your current super fund (e.g. limited investment choice), have changed jobs or have multiple funds, then you can consider rolling over your superannuation into an actively managed superannuation provider that has features that can be tailored to more closely align with your goals and objectives.

Consolidating your funds and having all future contributions paid into the one fund also makes it easier to keep track of your superannuation benefits, ease of administration and gives you more control over your funds allowing you to have a more focused total investment strategy. Amalgamating your superannuation may also mean that you reduce having to pay multiple member, administration and investment fees. Your superannuation benefits should be invested in accordance with your risk profile to achieve your financial goals whilst taking into consideration any insurance you hold within your existing funds.


Munis Somer Accumulator

"I became a client at FFA back in 2012 after the passing of my dear father. My parents had for many years entrusted in them to look after their financial affairs which were very complex, such as retirement planning, super and investment advice. Since our first meeting I have been very happy with the services and advice they have provided me and my dear mother’s complex portfolio. They have greatly helped me in many areas of estate planning,
aged care, super, pension and redundancy.

After 3 years utilising their services I am more than delighted with the professional, high standard services I am receiving to this day as its very refreshing to work with a financial adviser who is truly interested in their clients needs and circumstances. The staff at FFA are always contactable, helpful and courteous and I am highly impressed with the depth of knowledge they offer.

Their ethical and caring nature is why I would highly recommend them to future clients."